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Our solutions are built with products and systems that are modular, cost-effective and easy to install and maintain.

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Born in 1991, Actsys Cables and Wireless Solutions is changing the status quo. Focused on supplying products and solutions that are needed for the 21st century.

•Commscope - Systimax - Netconnect.•Lambda •Ruckus•CBI Electric•Ausma•Axis•Planet•TVT•Acetech•TP-Link•Eaton•legrand

Whether it is in the ground, in buildings or through the air, Actsys understands that your network must be robust and reliable.

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Striving to deliver True Customer Centric Solutions

Our Mission

To infuse superior thinking in the development and production of our products and service, so that the functionality we enable will serve to enhance our customers' lives and augment it with professional customer services and support.

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Our Vision

To change the status quo, transform the industry and lead in the delivery of true customer-centric solutions, that will improve the way we work and live, constantly challenging what's available now and thinking beyond to meet the needs of what's next.

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Our People

Our growing team has impressive credentials and experience across various industries, with an executive management team steering the strategic goals of the company and a dedicated team on the ground to service your day to day needs.

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