Keeping your customers secure with Axis Communications

Install reliable security solutions for the protection of corporate offices, healthcare facilities, financial institutions, education premises and homes. Featuring intelligent technology, we supply a range of security products from the Axis Communications brand. With advanced security cameras, access control solutions and video management software, you have cutting-edge technology at your command to ensure peace of mind for customers across a vast gamut of industries.

Network cameras

Fixed dome cameras
Compact and discreet, our range of Axis Communications fixed dome cameras can be unobtrusively applied to any setting, indoors or outdoors. The dome encasement disguises the camera direction and protects against impact and malicious redirection.
Fixed box cameras
As a more aggressive deterrent to offenders, fixed box cameras are clearly displayed and the direction the camera is pointing is plainly visible. Our range of products includes CS-mount cameras with interchangeable lenses.
Fixed bullet cameras
For indoors- and outdoors use, we supply a range of Axis Communications fixed bullet cameras. Featuring built-in IR illumination, high-resolution video quality and aesthetic design these cameras can be applied in various environments.
PTZ cameras
For wide-range coverage and with pan-, tilt- and zoom capacity, we supply a range of PTZ cameras. Featuring a wide variety of intelligent features, these cameras are able to move between pre-set positions and zoom-in automatically in response to detected occurrences.
Modular cameras
We supply a range of modular cameras for highly discreet surveillance. These cameras are small and consist of a compact sensor unit, with image sensor and lens, and a main unit for image processing and communication with the relevant network. The two units are connected via cable and can be placed separately.
Panoramic cameras
For the monitoring of large areas, we supply a range of panoramic cameras from Axis Communications. Achieve wide-area coverage with a single camera.
Thermal cameras
Ideal for around-the-clock surveillance, our range of thermal cameras are able to monitor activity in all light conditions, from total darkness to bright sunlight.
Explosion-protected cameras
Ideal for the monitoring of hazardous areas explosion-protected cameras, from Axis Communications, are certified for use in combustible environments, in compliance with all applicable international standards. We supply the full range.
Onboard cameras
We supply a range of onboard security cameras for the purpose of mobile surveillance. Compact in design, these cameras are designed to perform while exposed to rapidly shifting light and extreme vibration.
Specialty cameras
Designed for elegance and discretion, we supply a range of specialty cameras with unique features and high-end finishes. Ideal for applications such as surveillance in elevators.
Positioning cameras
We supply a range of positioning cameras for a completely unobstructed panoramic view of 360º and a ground-to-sky view of 135º. These cameras can be mounted on walls, poles or pillars.

Axis Communications access control solutions

Using IP PoE, the Axis Communications brand offers a range of access control solutions powered by the existing network of a company. Complicated wiring to a central server is unnecessary. The installed security system can be gradually expanded when needed.

Access control management software
We supply a range of access control management software with open systems and a broad range, offering you scalability. Our range caters for various requirements, from basic management to consolidated video- and access control.
Card readers
We supply a range of sophisticated cards readers for indoors- and outdoors application.
Network I/O relay models
We supply a range of I/O relay models for extending the functionality of any Axis Communications product. These modules are ideal for integrating the Axis A1001 Network Door Controller with other on-site systems. Our range of modules caters for facilities of varying sizes and can be installed indoors- and outdoors.
Network door controllers
With no need for special cabling the Axis Communications range of network door controllers, supplied by us, can easily be connected to, and powered by, an existing IP network.
For secure identification, we supply a range of contactless credentials for access control.

Video management software

Axis Camera Station

Powerful and user-friendly, we supply AXIS Camera Station video- and access management software. The product offers highly-efficient investigation and high-definition identification in up to 4K Ultra HD.

Axis Companion

Axis Companion, supplied by us, offers easy control of security camera systems and of all video. This software offers secure remote access to video, flexible user management, alert notifications and a mobile app for ease of use.