Data has become an essential aspect of day-to-day living: for productivity, for leisure activities, for education, for communication as well as for the vital functionalities of institutions such as healthcare facilities, the financial sector, insurance, hospitality as well as small-, medium- and large businesses.

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Network routers and equipment for best-practice data infrastructure installation

The ever-increasing demand for data infrastructure and the resulting industry competitiveness has amplified the need for top-quality network routers, switches, SFP modules and related equipment. Installers and businesses, throughout South Africa, rely on us for all the active- and passive equipment required for the task of efficient, prompt and responsible data infrastructure installation according to internet protocol.

Our selection of network routers and switches, from trusted brands offers you the confidence of knowing that you are delivering quality and reliability for each and every installation you take on. We supply network routers from industry-leading brands such as Aruba, TP-Link, Ruckus, Ubiquity, Planet, Mikrotik and Huawei. We also offer you all the necessary accessories, tools and hardware needed for professional data infrastructure installation.


We supply ethernet routing switches: the IP stacking technology needed to manage and configure IP addresses efficiently. These are mostly used for large corporate premises, campuses and IP metropolitan networks.

For the backbone of data infrastructure installation we supply advanced solutions for switching infrastructure: call-layer switches for enterprises, data centres as well as small- and medium-sized networks. Our range of products also includes managed switches, including Power Over Ethernet (PoE) switches, and industrial switches.


Designed for high performance and flexibility, our range of active equipment features advanced intelligence and security structures. Our range of wireless routers caters for various requirements: home use, industrial capacity as well as small-, medium- and large businesses. We supply smartphone application solutions for linking to equipment, security systems, intelligent infrastructure and for use in smart homes. We also cater for advanced Internet Of Things (IoT) hardware infrastructure.