Catering for sights and sounds

We supply all the top-quality, reliable, equipment and accessories necessary for bringing sound and visuals to life. For managed events, music concerts, DJ performances, weddings and corporate events audiovisual installations often have to be done on a tight deadline and to high standards. Exceed the expectations of your clients with our advanced range of products.

We supply cabling for the professional rigging of live broadcasts, events, temporary security monitoring stations, concerts and more.
For control, access and management we supply sophisticated smart environment applications for home and commercial use.
For audiovisual connectivity we stock a range of TV brackets, adaptors, speaker cables and HDMI cables.
Our stock of monitors, television screens, AV connectors, LED screens and projectors cater for excellence in the orchestration of visual experiences.
For audio, we supply all brackets, cabling and connectors needed for the installation of advanced communications facilities and entertainment-related infrastructures.
We supply HDMI cable for computer to other devices and RG6 cable for satellite television, We also supply RG59 cable (for audio, voice and security) and snake cable, used mainly for audio (microphone and voice to speaker).
For the connection of cable to a specific outlet we supply BNC connectors. We also offer RCA adaptors (for cable to outlet), VGA splitters (for media converter to television or laptop) and general splitters.


We supply all standard audiovisual cables as well as specialised cable.


For your audio-visual connectivity needs we stock a vast range of products, equipment and accessories.


For interconnectivity we supply HDMI leads, devices and splitters.