For your hygiene and personal protection

For sanitation, personal protection and general hygiene at home, as well as in industrial and corporate environments, we supply a range of effective, trusted products. Our products are widely used by installers regularly visiting various sites, corporate offices where colleagues work within close proximity of each other, the hospitality industry where hygiene needs to be managed due to frequent public access, the mining industry and also in hospitals.


We supply a range of sanitisation products, manufactured in South Africa, and approved by the South African National Standards (SANS). These products have a minimum alcohol content of 70% and are ISO-certified (manufacturing facility regulation). We also offer a range of surface disinfectants.

Personal protection

All our Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) products are of the highest quality and from vendors approved by us. We supply masks, face shields, goggles, safety wear, safety shoes, headgear, gloves and hearing protection.