Keep your customers safe from equipment damage with effective power surge protection

Empower your customers to prevent equipment failure with our range of power surge protection solutions from the Clearline brand. Sudden electricity interruptions, spikes or dips can be harmful to data networks, security systems, computer equipment, telephone equipment, office automation equipment and appliances. Electricity interruptions caused by load shedding, when power is suddenly transferred from the main electricity supply to generators, can also be harmful to sophisticated electronic equipment.

Power surge protection for IT systems

For surge protection in a server-room we supply all that is needed. Where the server is connected to a wall socket, a Clearline ClearPac device is recommended. This is connected between the wall socket and the server plug.

Office environments

Where the server is powered from a DB board we recommend a DIN rail solution which should only be applied by an electrician. We also supply server switches, a 24-hour protection device placed inside the server cabinet, which protects the connection between the server and the desktop computers of end users.

Desktop protection
For desktop protection, in offices, we supply multi-plug power surge protectors with four plugs for power protection and one plug for data (POE GIG LAN) protection. One multi-plug surge protector should be made available for each desk. This provides solid protection for desktop computers and telephones. Where a desk telephone has a separate power unit (PSU) this can also pug into the multi-plug surge protector.
Power surge protection for printers and copiers
For office printers and copiers we supply Combotectors, applied for the protection of power, LAN and fax. One Combotector is needed for each device.
Overhead access points
For the protection of ceiling- or wall-mounted access points (APs) for WiFi, we supply Gigabit, single-port surge protection devices. The device is connected to LAN cables installed in the ceiling.
Industrial environments
For machinery not dependent on data communication we supply single-phase as well as three-phase power surge protection, applied in the in-factory DB board. For the protection of electrical equipment that do make use of a data communications port we supply Gigabit single-port surge protection devices.

Security systems

Not only does the failure and downtime of security equipment present a security hazard but replacing damaged equipment can be very expensive to replace. In this arena effective surge protection is vital and we supply the necessary products.

Power surge protection for outdoor CCTV cameras
For the ideal surge protection of outdoor PTZ cameras, mainly used for the monitoring of traffic, we supply outdoor, single-port POE surge arrestors as well as POE isolation protection. One device is needed for each camera.
Indoor CCTV cameras
We supply single- or multi-port (12 or 24) POE surge arrestors for the surge protection of indoor CCTV cameras.
Network video recorder
For network video recorders (NVRs), the computer that records CCTV footage, we supply multi-plug surge protectors. For plugs are for power protection and one is for data (POE GIG LAN) protection.
Security monitors
For the surge protection of security monitors, mainly used in control rooms, we supply multi-plug surge protectors. For plugs are for power protection and one is for data (POE GIG LAN) protection.
Access control points
Specialised RS485-protocol protection is needed for the power surge protection of access control points. We supply Wiegand-technology, RS485 devices for the protection of screw terminals. This technology protects communications from the access reader (biometric or card) to the electric lock and neither the reader nor the lock will be damaged in the event of an electricity fluctuation.