Armoured cable

Cater for sophisticated installation with specialised control cable

The installation of sophisticated machinery, with advanced connectivity requirements, calls for specialised cables. Your customers invest in specialty machinery. Protect their equipment with top-quality cabling and advise them on proper surge protection. We offer a complete solution for control cable installation, including enclosures, switches, boxes and test equipment. Cable lengths are custom-cut to your requirements.

Control cable, either screened or un-screened, is multicore copper-conductor cable mainly use for the automation and control of limit switches. This type of cable has the capacity to supply a single transmission to a specific application in order for the relevant application to perform its required duty. This cable also provides high flexibility, allowing the installer wide reach during installation.

Types of control cable

Un-screened cable features a standard grey, PVC sheeting with black numbered cores on the inside. We offer our customers customised outer colours on request. Un-screened control cable offers high flexibility and is for indoors use only. This type of cable is chemical- and oil resistant and ideal for use in industrial areas around heavy machinery.

TCB cable is tinned-copper braided for the prevention of electro-magnetic interference. This enhances the transmission of signal, enabling equipment to operate at maximum capacity. This cable also has a grey PVC outer sheeting. On request, unscreened cable can be over-sheeted with dekabon (APL) preparing the cable for robust applications.

The quality of our stock

South Africa is a primary manufacturing country of control cable and we deal directly with approved manufacturers to ensure that the quality we offer is the best possible. Industrial machinery and automation applications are considerable capital investments, requiring specialty cabling to ensure correct transmission. With our products, you have the peace of mind that you are assisting your installation clients in taking care of their investments.

We supply cable in various core sizes, based on the intended application. Thickness (1.5mm – 240mm) varies in order for the cable to pass different voltages. Voltage capacity ranges from 300V – 1000V. Install with confidence and choose us as your go-to supplier. All our products in this category are manufactured locally and are proudly South African.