Electrical solutions

We are your go-to electrical cables suppliers in South Africa

You can count on us for meeting all your product requirement for work on electrical installations. We pride ourselves in being one of the largest electrical cables suppliers in South Africa. We offer you a range of electrical solutions, accessories and equipment for the safe and efficient installation of electricity infrastructure.

Low-voltage cables
Our low-voltage cables are SABS-approved and facilitate up to 1000 volts. The range includes surfix cable, cabtyre, flat twin and earth, house wire, rip cord as well as panel flex in various core sizes, pairs and colours.
Medium-voltage cables
Our range of medium-voltage cables (1kV – 36kV) are mainly used in the transfer of electricity from electrical sub-stations to transformer stations. This range includes RHZ1, HEPRZ1, MV-90 and RHVhMVh.
High-voltage cables
Our high-voltage range of cables are used for the transportation of electricity from generating plants to electrical sub-stations.
Specialised cables

We aim to be your most trusted electrical cables suppliers in South Africa, offering you all products needed for the installation of electrical infrastructure: from the basics to the most sophisticated solutions. Our range of specialised, capacity-specific cables includes SWA cables, armoured cables, rubber cables, halogen-free cables, solar cables and aluminium cables.

General application

We supply all commonly-used items for the domestic and industrial application of electric current. For household- and office use we supply a selection of multi-plugs and adaptors from Crabtree, Apex and various other reputable brands. We supply extension cords, extension reels, switches and isolators as well as dedicated plug tops for surge protection in the event of fluctuations in electric current.


For the purposes of quality checking and measurement, our range of testing equipment for electrical installation includes KVA-testers, electrical toolkits, digital earth-resistance testers, earth leakage testers, voltage testers and digital multi-meters.


We stock a full range of all electrical cables from low-voltage to medium-voltage as well as specialised cables.


Our full range of connectivity solutions ranges from the basics to products suited for highly sophisticated requirements.


We supply all electrical accessories from basic essentials to specialised products.

Electrical solutions