Armoured cable

Choose armoured cable for specialised transmission

Install with confidence and harness power intensity with our range of armoured cables. Three-phase power (high-density power) needs specialised transmission for effective and safe electricity distribution. Armoured cable (industrial cable) is ideally applied for this purpose and is used in industries such as automotive, manufacturing and machining. Equipment such as robots, cutting equipment and fabrication machinery rely on specific cable-qualities for optimal functioning.

Widely used in the installation of main electricity supplies, armoured cable is specifically designed to cushion and protect delicate, inner multicores from environmental impact. This cable type is used in both indoors- and outdoors (underground) applications. A low- to medium-voltage, heavy-duty power cable, armoured cable is used for the transmission of electricity from a main power source (such as the primary power supply of a city) to termination points where electricity is consumed. Where generators are in use this type of cable would be applied to connect the generator to the main distribution board in order to supply electricity to termination points in offices, warehouses, industrial buildings and homes.

Why armoured cable?

The specific, native qualities of this cable type are essential for safety, productivity and for protecting the equipment and data assets that businesses invest in. Armoured cable is designed to protect the inner-cable multicores from damage that could result in power outages. If the correct cabling is not used, on-site safety is compromised as high-voltage surges could result in network overload, causing severe damage to equipment or even fires. The hardiness of armoured cable fortifies multicores even when applied underground (direct burial), where this type of cable is mostly used.

The quality of our stock

Armoured cable has to adhere, strictly, to the industry-standard requirements set out by electrical engineers. These standards dictate the regulating of specified power output required for specific types of machinery.

We supply both steel-wire cable (SWA) and dekabon (APL) cable. Dekabon cable features an aluminium poly-laminate sheeting. Our cables are available in all core sizes and thicknesses needed in the professional installation of main power supplies. We also offer special sizes according to customer specifications. All our products are compliant with industry standards and requirements: SANS as well as SABS. Cable thickness (1.5mm – 240mm) varies, to enable the cable to pass different voltages. Voltage capacity ranges from 300V – 1000V.