Advanced technology for security installation and access control

We offer you a specialised range of market-leading solutions for access control and security installation as well as all related accessories. Designed to cater for the sophisticated and ever-evolving market of security monitoring and access control our products offer you advanced technology. Install with confidence: choose from our selection of CCTV equipment, access control devices, turnstiles and boom gates.

Top-quality fibre infrastructure solutions and large stock availability

If you are a fibre installer, telecommunications services provider or internet services provider, select from our range of trusted, top-quality fibre infrastructure solutions and products to provide your customers with the best possible service. Benefit from our years of industry experience, large stock availability and supply of leading brands such as Commscope, CBI, Lambda, Acetech and Corning. Our country-wide branches ensure that our products are always near you and our quick delivery provides you with the ability to offer your customers quick turnaround times.


We supply a vast range of CCTV equipment from access point recording equipment to security management solutions for control rooms. We offer you cameras and monitors as well as sophisticated voice- and video-recording hardware: Network Video Recording (NVR) equipment as well as Digital Video Recording (DVR) solutions. Our product range includes trusted, industry-leading brands such as Hikvision, TVT, Axis Communications, Tru Vision, Avigilon, and Dahua. We also have various software options available.

Access control
We supply a range of sophisticated solutions for digital access control in corporate offices and high-security environments such as financial institutions, from the trusted ZKT Eco brand. Entry- and exit management, for maximum end-user convenience as well as accurate monitoring, is provided by our range of biometric reader equipment, fingerprint- and facial recognition equipment, retina scanning as well as the more traditional access card solutions. We also supply time-regulated access chambers and temperature scanning equipment.
Our range of turnstiles, from the Turnstar brand, provides solid, physical barriers at high-security entry- and exit points. Our revolving structures, available in various heights, are finished in stainless steel, galvanised steel or epoxy-coated steel. We also supply revolving-door barriers.
Access control with boom gates
For security installation in high-security buildings and restricted areas, managing the entry and exit of vehicles is vital. For this specialised field of access management we supply a range of boom gate solutions: automated, operator controlled or access controlled. Our products are from two highly reputable brands: Turnstar and Boomgate Systems. For extended functionality our boom gate solutions are easily integrated with any of our available CCTV solutions. We also supply spike barriers for use in conjunction with our boom gates.
Security installation accessories

For efficient installation of security systems, we offer you all the necessary accessories. We supply fastening equipment, cables, wall boxes, connectivity options, camera enclosures as well as camera nests.

For the outdoor installation of CCTV cameras, where equipment is exposed to rain, we supply various IP-rated (IP55, IP65, IP66, and IP67) camera enclosures for waterproofing. The IP rating of our enclosures ranges from water protection to full submersion in water. We also supply custom-designed camera mounting poles in stainless steel, galvanised steel and various other options.


For your industrial-use cabling needs we supply RG59 plus power and comms cable.


Face recognition, biometrics (which can include temperature sensors), turnstiles, boom gates: we supply a diverse rage of access control equipment.


We supply a range of advanced camera solutions: industrial cameras, high-resolution mega-pixel cameras, infrared cameras, camera software as well as DPR- and NBR devices.


We supply a range of monitors, screens, hard drives, wall brackets, BNC connectors, camera enclosures, various IP enclosures and customised solutions.