Sophisticated surveillance and access control with Hikvision

Featuring a comprehensive range of security products and access control options, we proudly supply the Hikvision brand. The brand offers installers all the necessary equipment for the efficient configuration of state-of-the-art security systems for a vast range of clients: domestic environments, corporate offices, hospitals, schools, industrial premises, financial institutions and more.

Surveillance equipment

We stock the full range of advanced Hikvision surveillance equipment and relevant accessories.

Analogue- and turbo cameras:
  • Short-range, fixed-lens bullet cameras.
  • Fixed-lens analogue dome cameras.
  • Turbo PTZ cameras.
  • Turbo convert pinhole cameras.
Video recorders and keyboards
Catering for various required capacities, the range of Hikvision turbo digital video recorders, supplied by us, includes: 4-channel, 8-channel, 16-channel and 32-channel devices. We also supply a range of analogue keyboards.
Network cameras

What we supply

  • Short-range network bullet cameras (15m).
  • Long-range network bullet cameras (50m+).
  • Vari-focal network bullet cameras.
  • IP fixed dome network cameras.
  • Vari-focal network dome cameras.
  • ColorVu network cameras.
  • Covert cameras.
  • Network fisheye cameras.
  • Network covert cameras.
  • Dash cams.
  • Network pan tilt zoom cameras: outdoor.
Thermal cameras
  • Single-lens thermal bullet cameras.
  • Dual-lens thermal bullet cameras.
Specialised network cameras (artificial intelligence-powered)
  • The DeepinView camera that facilitates the counting of people.
NVR devices
Our range of Hikvision network video recorders (NVRs) includes 4-channel, 8-channel, 16-channel, 32-channel and 64-channel devices. We also supply a range of artificial intelligence-powered, mobile network video recorders.
Network switches
We supply the full range of top-quality Hikvision network switches.
We supply all types of camera brackets and PTZ brackets needed for efficient camera installation.

Thermographic body temperature measurement

Thermal cameras

The Hikvision range of thermal measurement cameras, supplied by us, includes fixed-mounted cameras and handheld cameras. The handheld range consists of professional model cameras (ideal for use in mining, at airports and in shopping malls) and economical models, for use in schools and small businesses.

Thermal detectors

The Hikvision range features a walk-through detector for temperature measurement. The device supports thermal imagery technology. Two all-in-one devices, for access control as well as thermal body screening, are also part of the range.

Intercom systems

We supply the full range of Hikvision intercom systems for efficient access control. These products include:

  • Network (IP) video-intercom indoor stations.
  • Network (IP) video-intercom D-series outdoor stations.
  • IP modular door access stations.
  • Network IP video intercoms.
  • Stand-alone biometric terminals.
  • Network access control system controllers.
  • The advanced DeepinGo series of face recognition terminals.
  • Wiegand biometric- and card reader terminals for system controllers.
  • The Hikvision Secure Relay, for use with intercom- and stand-alone terminals.
  • USB enrolment readers.
  • Electromagnetic locks.


For the installation of access control solutions and intercom systems, we supply a comprehensive range of accessories as well as general hardware and tools.

  • Batteries.
  • Push buttons.
  • Green “Break Glass” system bypass devices.
  • Key switches.
  • Relay devices.
  • Automatic door closers.
  • Stainless steel- and galvanised housing.


For the installation of alarm systems, we supply a range of Hikvision products and accessories:

  • Batteries.
  • Ax Pro wireless control panels.
  • Ax Pro wireless control panel kits.
  • The Ax Pro wireless repeater.
  • Ax Pro wireless detectors.
  • Ax Pro door- and window detectors.
  • Ax Pro input/output accessories.
  • Ax pro strobes and sounders.
  • Ax Pro system- and IoT accessories.
  • Mifare.