The demand for solar energy, as a leading and sustainable alternative to grid-based energy, is ever growing. Cater for this lucrative industry with the advanced products and tailor-made solutions we offer you for premium solar energy installation. Confidently meet the diverse requirements of various installation projects, offer innovative solutions and empower your customers to care for the environment with green energy. We design and specify the ideal product for the exact requirements of your projects. Our knowledgeable staff are ready to advise you and assist you in exceeding the expectations of your customers.

Harness the power of the sun with our advanced solar energy installation solutions

We enable you to fulfil the energy requirements of a vast range of buildings by supplying all the components you need for productivity and success: solar panels, control panels, connectivity solutions as well as an expansive range of cabling and accessories. For its reliability and advanced technology, we stock the full solution provided by the trusted, industry-leading Canadian Solar brand.

An easily accessible energy source

Empower your business to deliver professional, compliant and cost-efficient solar energy installation. Harnessing the power of the sun, solar energy is easily accessible and the total cost of installation is becoming increasingly competitive, fuelling the demand. As a natural energy source, solar power is harmless to the environment. This provides a sustainable solution to the power demands of large businesses, hotels, medical facilities and remote establishments located far from main power grids. Solar power provides a consistent energy supply and protects business owners from productivity interruptions brought on by load shedding. With solar power home owners can also rely on power consistency and cost-efficient access to electricity. After the initial capital outlay continued electricity billing is avoided, thereby recuperating the initial setup costs.

For your productive, efficient installation work we also supply, countrywide, all the hardware and tools you need.