Taking charge of productivity

For the sake of productivity, meeting deadlines and maintaining your track record for customer satisfaction, ensure that you have access to a continuous power supply should regular electricity fail you. Our range of energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly battery solutions is on standby during power outages, load shedding or for work in areas where electricity is not readily available.

We supply uninterrupted power supplies (UPS solutions) as well as data network-designed back-up power infrastructure solutions. For consistent, automatically-activated electric current we stock a range of inverters for various capacity requirements. These are mostly used for delicate electronic equipment in corporate offices, hospitals, security monitoring offices, homes and in the hospitality industry. For general power back-up, choose from our range of generators as well batteries, from basic-standard batteries to industrial-standard battery products.


The challenges presented by the supply of power in South Africa emphasises the need for Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). We offer a full range of UPS equipment customised for your business as well as personal- and household appliances. Starting from 3KVA to whatever your needs may be.


From common-use batteries for various applications such as test equipment and electronic devices to various other types of electronic equipment requiring a power source, we stock all types of alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries, sealed-type batteries, lead-acid batteries and gel-type batteries.