We are fire cable suppliers with your excellence and reputability
as our top priority

For the safety of employees and the protection of business premises and homes, the capacity to adequately respond in a fire situation is a crucial factor. Choose us as your your go-to fire cable suppliers.

Corporate offices, hotels, healthcare facilities and industrial plants all rely on effective fire-response mechanisms. The efficient management of a fire situation can save lives as well as vast amounts of money. Empower your installation customers with superior fire-response capacity and, in doing so, also assist them in achieving insurance compliance.

We believe that, as an installer, having access to the best-possible products for a fire-response installation is of the utmost importance. This is why we stock premium fire cable in bulk and readily available. We offer you the country-wide infrastructure to support your installation projects across various locations. Our range of top-quality products includes both the active- and passive equipment needed for the responsible, efficient and compliant installation of fire-response solutions. We also stock all the test equipment, hardware and tools needed for efficient installation work.

Our range of cables

We supply fire-resistant and fire-alarm cable in two types: PH30 core size (which has a burn rate of 30 minutes) and PH120 core size (which has a burn rate of 120 minutes). Both core sizes are available in the following formats: 1mm/2-core, 1.5mm/2-core, 2.5mm/2-core and 4mm/2-core. Our cables have a low-smoke, zero-halogen outer sheet and are available in red and white. For passive equipment we supply a range of fire-detection systems to expand your fire-response installation. We stock distribution panels, alarms and security intercoms.

Fire cable

As your one-stop fire cable supplier, we stock a vast range of cable which exceeds the SANS standard as well as other industry-specific standards and specifications.