Top-quality fibre infrastructure solutions and large stock availability

Top-quality fibre infrastructure solutions and large stock availability

If you are a fibre installer, telecommunications services provider or internet services provider, select from our range of trusted, top-quality fibre infrastructure solutions and products to provide your customers with the best possible service. Benefit from our years of industry experience, large stock availability and supply of leading brands such as Commscope, CBI, Lambda, Acetech and Corning. Our country-wide branches ensure that our products are always near you and our quick delivery provides you with the ability to offer your customers quick turnaround times.

Primary fibre infrastructure solutions
We supply all conventional fibre infrastructure solutions: ISP (for inside-plant/indoor installation) and OSP (for outside-plant/outdoor installation). For fibre (either indoor- or outdoor applications) we offer FTTx solutions. For ISP, OSP and FTTx solutions we supply (in various sizes and construction of cable) fibre-optic cable ranging from single-mode, multi-mode, short-span arial, indoor- and outdoor, drop-cable and micro-blown fibre.
Fibre types and applications

Our fibre types cater for a range of applications. For inside plant we offer you heavy-duty duct (HDD) as well as low-count duct (LCD). For outside-plant, underground installation we supply heavy-duty duct incased in a pipe or chamber, short-span arial (ADSS), direct-burial in corrugated steel tape (CST) and steel-wire armour (SWA). We cater for micro-blown fibre with arial drop, mainly used for connection from an overhead pole to the home or office. We also supply duct drop for underground applications, where specialised equipment is used to blow fibre cable into a micro duct.

We are your one-stop solution for all fibre-installation accessories in all required sizes. Select from our patch cords, pigtails, mid couplers, fibre patch panels, cabinets, glands, specialised tools, alcohol spray, splice kits, splice cassettes, caution tags, kim wipes, spiral glands, splice protectors, dead ends, dome joints, enclosures and distribution boxes.


We have a full range of high-standard indoor-, outdoor and underground fibre-optic cables for all applications and specialised requirements.


We stock a full supply of all types of fibre-optics connectivity solutions: pigtails, mid couplers, fibre patch leads, patch panels and many more.


We stock a full range of fibre accessories such as fibre glands, splice cassettes, splice protectors, kim wipes, alcohol spray and more.

Top-quality fibre infrastructure solutions and large stock availability