CommScope is an international, award-winning infrastructure brand with over 40 years of research and development behind it. CommScope leads the way in delivering enterprise networks and is pushing the boundaries of communication technology in creating the world’s most advanced networks and redefining connectivity and driving innovation. For innovative data installation solutions, both wireless and wired, the CommScope brand offers all the material you need: structured cabling, enterprise WiFi and -switching, connectivity as well as accessories. We are one of the only official distributors of CommScope in South Africa.

Exceptional value and proven reliability from CommScope

We supply this premium brand for its internationally-recognised, trusted reputation and proven track record in the telecoms arena setting the standard above and beyond the expectations of our competitors and customers. The combination of product development support as well as a 25-year warranty offers you all too need to install and grow with confidence.

CommScope cabling is available in a range of solutions: CAT5e, C6, C6a, C7. Under the CommScope umbrella we supply both the Netconnect (previously known as Krone) and Systimax data transfer solutions. All products are fully compliant with applicable standards and are used for different applications within the structured cabling sector.

The Systimax solution is mainly applied for companies with high bandwidth requirements, such as production facilities, as well as for commercial institutions where cabling is vital for critical functions such as in hospitals. Systimax is also ideally suited for financial institutions and large data centres. The Netconnect solution is ideally suited for retail spaces, guesthouses and smaller hotels, homes and general office applications.

Ethernet cables protocol defines the way information travels over a particular type of cable. Data transfer cables and ethernet cables, in the CommScope range, cater for various capacities. Type C5e facilitates up to 100MHz while C6 facilitates higher data rates of 10Gbps at 250MHz over distances of 37 – 55m. Type C6a cabling facilitates 10Gbps at a bandwidth of up to 500MHz and C7 cabling facilitates 600MHz with the capacity to support 10GBASE-T Ethernet over a distance of 100m

With the versatile, trustworthy CommScope brand on your side the possibilities for data installation tasks are virtually limitless. Empower your business with quality and capacity. Our highly trained and experienced staff members are ready to advise you on the best possible solution for your next installation.


We stock a full range of CommScope accessories supporting the brand’s structured cabling solution. We also supply a full range of CommScope tools.


We stock the full range of connectivity solutions to meet your shielded- and unshielded requirements for Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a and Cat7. We supply high-density 19” 1U, both modular and PCB patch panels, surface-mount boxes (SMB), keystone jacks, patch cords, termination blocks, high-band modules, disconnect modules. These high-performance components exceed specifications according to ISO/IEC 11801: 2002, EN 50173-1:2002 and TIA/EIA 568-B.


CommScope (Netconnect, Systimax, Krone) cable utilises patented designs and manufacturing processes that enable the product to overcome insertion loss and alien crosstalk. The most noticeable difference when compared to Gigabit cables is the star filler which is elliptical. Not only does the filler maintain the distance between pairs within the cable, bust also with the pairs in adjacent cables. The cable ellipse rotates along its length creating a larger air footprint. This ensures that the distance between all pairs is maintained, removing alien crosstalk.