Comprehensive security solutions with ZKTeco

Protect the assets and employees of your customers with sophisticated security products. We supply a comprehensive range of security solutions from the trusted ZKTeco brand. Cater for the requirements of companies in various industries with advanced software, time attendance solutions, access control, entrance control, security inspection, biometrics, video surveillance and smart locking.

ZKTeco software


A comprehensive, web-based biometrics security management platform, ZKBioSecurity caters for large-scale security management. The software, supplied by us, consists of multiple integrated modules such as access control, time attendance, consumption management, elevator control (on- and offline), visitor management, parking, guard patrol, intelligent facial recognition camera management and video linkage.

With automatic licence plate recognition (LPR), the ZKBioSecurity Parking Management Solution enables fast vehicle access to parking areas. The ultra-high frequency (UHF) solution reduces the inconvenience of punching access cards.

ZKBioSecurity ConSite, integrated with ZKBioSecurity biometrics and personnel identification, is a module for construction site management and the real-time monitoring of registered workers’ attendance. ZKBioSecurity Mobile is a convenient client application of ZKBioSecurity software.

A multitude of devices, employees and transactions can be managed with WDMS (Web-based Data Management System). This is an advanced middleware providing a stable connection to the ZKTeco standalone devices via PUSH SDK by Ethernet, Wi-Fi, GPRS or 3G.

ZKBioAccess IVS

ZKBioAccess, supplied by us, is a web-based security platform supporting most ZKTeco hardware. Meeting the management requirements of small- to medium-sized businesses, it provides a vast amount of functionalities such as access control, personnel management, attendance management, video surveillance and system management.

With a client/server architecture, ZKTeco Parking is an ideal parking lot management software solution for smaller parking lots with two entrances and two exits. A maximum access to four LPR cameras is supported. For large parking areas, ZKBioSecurity is an ideal software solution. It features browser/server architecture and a maximum access to 40 LPR cameras is supported.

ZKPOS software caters for efficient point-of-sale management and is an ideal solution for retail, restaurants and supermarkets. This software can be integrated with ZKTeco’s attendance system and CCTV solutions for a comprehensive smart retail environment.

Mainly used for opening doors with mobile phones, mobile user management and user-information reviewing, the ZK SmartKey app is a door lock management software for mobile devices. It is compatible with iOS and Android., supplied by us, is a lite time-attendance software ideal for small- to medium enterprises. With client/server architecture, it is feature-rich and accommodates up to 200 users and 50 devices.

We also supply BioTime, a web-based software for the management of time and attendance. Multiple managers can access the software via browsers to manage a multitude of devices, employees and transactions. Users can manage timetables and generate attendance reports.

AntarVis, supplied by us, is VMS software that supports up to 256 cameras. Search types include normal, motion, alarm and intelligent. Alarm types offered are alarm in, motion detection, tampering, video loss, intrusion alarm, object alarm, tripwire alarm and counting alarm.

Compatible with both iOS and Android, AntarView Pro is an app with the following functions: UTC, PTZ, snapshot, record, audio and fast/slow play. A vast selection of alarm push-types are supported.

We supply BioArgus face-recognition software with multiple-person verification. The software offers rapid verification from a distance of 1 – 5m and simultaneous recognition of up to 3 – 5 faces. As many as 10 000 facial templates and 100 000 attendance records are supported.

Time attendance

Have advanced hybrid biometric verification technology at your command with our range of time attendance solutions from TZKeco. All you need is provided: various fingerprint reading devices, RFID, facial identification, palm verification, time clocks as well as management software. Our range includes the following:

What we supply
  • Facial & FP T&A and A&C devices.
  • FP T&A devices.
  • FP T&A and A&C devices.
  • Facial T&A and A&C devices.
  • RFID T&A devices.
  • Countertop T&A devices.
  • Palm & FP T&A devices.
Access control

We supply a range of sophisticated, IP-based standalone access control devices from ZKTeco. Our range includes:

What we supply
  • Standalone terminals for fingerprint reading.
  • Standalone, multi-biometric terminals.
  • C3-series control panels.
  • Fingerprint readers.
  • InBio-series control panels.
  • C2-series control panels.
  • DM10 control panels.
  • Standalone terminals for fingerprints reading.
  • Standalone terminals for finger vein reading.
  • Standalone RFID terminals.
  • Control panels for elevator control.
  • QR readers.
  • Wireless readers.
  • Metal readers.
  • Metal standalone devices.
  • Wiegand RFID readers.
  • RS485 card readers.
  • Card issuer-readers.
Entrance control

The management of access to buildings and premises is vital in the maintenance of an efficient security system. ZKTeco offers a variety of solutions catering for various requirements. Personal access control, parking management and the management of visitors are facilitated with advanced technology. Tripod turnstiles and full-height turnstiles are ideally applied in public venues while private enterprises often make use of flap-barrier turnstiles. With biometrics integrated into entrance control, intelligent access management solutions can be configured with ZKTeco products. We supply the following solutions:

What we supply
  • Swing barriers.
  • Flap barriers.
  • Tripod turnstiles.
  • Flap-barrier turnstiles.
  • Optical barriers.
  • Full-height turnstiles.
  • License plate recognition products.
  • Barrier gates.
  • Long-distance RFID products.
  • Parking locks.
Security inspection

Our range of ZKTeco security inspection products offer you dependability and flexibility. Deploy an intelligent entrance security solution with advanced products for personal inspection, freight inspection vehicle inspection. We supply the following:

What we supply
  • Walk-through metal detectors.
  • Handheld metal detectors.
  • X-Ray devices.
  • The BLADE100100 device.
  • Vehicle Inspection devices.

Biometric security systems offer a hugely convenient solution for the fast and accurate identification of visitors and staff. We supply a range of high-security, advanced solutions from ZKTeco:

What we supply
  • USB scanners for fingerprint reading.
  • USB scanners for palm reading.
  • Embedded modules for fingerprint reading.
  • USB scanners for finger vein reading.
  • Embedded modules for finger vein reading.
  • Smart bio-terminals.
  • USB scanners for face scanning.
  • USB scanners for OCR.
Video surveillance

With dynamic facial recognition, HD analogue, IP cameras and powerful VMS platforms a comprehensive video surveillance solution can be installed with ZKTeco products. We supply the following:

What we supply
  • The BioFace Lite solution.
  • The BioEco Series 2MP IP cameras.
  • The BioPro Series 2, 4, 5 and 8MP IP cameras.
  • The BioUltra Series IP cameras.
  • IP PTZ cameras.
  • The H.265 Non-POE NVR series.
  • The H.265 POE NVR series.
  • The BioFace Lite Face Recognition NVR series.
  • The H.265 POE NVR series of kits.
  • 1080P HD analogue cameras.
  • 5MP HD analogue cameras.
  • 1080P/5MP HD analogue PTZ cameras.
  • The H.264 5MP Lite XVR series.
  • The H.264 XVR 1080P Lite series of kits.
  • The H.264 XVR 5MP Lite series of kits.
  • POE switches.
  • Accessories.
Smart locks

Unlock doors with your smart phone. We supply a range of ZKTeco smart lock solutions:

What we supply
  • Bluetooth locks.
  • Wireless locks.
  • Standalone locks.
  • Hotel locks.
  • Glass door locks and smart fingerprint-padlocks.
  • Accessories.