All-round security systems with TVT

Designed to secure the safety of people and assets, TVT is a trusted brand in the arena of video security products. The brand offers a complete solution for the professional installation of comprehensive security systems. Featuring a range of sophisticated equipment and software, TVT products are ideally applied for access monitoring of office buildings, schools, gated communities, medical facilities, banks, hotels and industrial parks.

The TVT brand offers digital video recording equipment (DVR), internet protocol (IP) cameras, HD cameras, network video recorders (NVR), network video management systems (NVMS), software, servers, decoders, keyboards and a surveillance client for use on monitors and mobile devices.
Camera equipment
We supply the full range of TVT Internet Protocol (IP) security cameras with various resolution capacities: 8MP, 5MP, 4MP, 3MP, 2MP and 1.3MP. The cameras are ultra-low stream and feature H.265 high-profile coding. Intelligent analysis, alarm in/out, POE, SD card storage and audio in/out are supported. The range also supports motorised-, manual- and fix-focus lenses and remote surveillance can be established via smartphone- and tablet devices.
Digital video recording (DVR) products
The TVT range of DVR systems, supplied by us, translate recorded analogue footage to digital format and are available in a resolution range of 5MP, 4MP, 3MP and 1.3MP. Multiple recording modes are supported, such as manual recording, schedule recording, mobile detection recording and sensor alarm recording. Mobile surveillance via tablets and smartphones (both Android and iOS) can be configured and with multiple disk group-mode video recordings can be put into different HDDs.
Network video recording (NVR) products
To process digital footage, we supply the full range of TVT NVR products. Data is encoded at the camera-point and then transmitted to the recoding device. NVR devices are available in a range of resolution capacities: 8MP, 5MP, 4MP, 3MP, 2MP and 1.3MP. NAT, UPnP, DDNS and PPOE remote network access is supported and surveillance via smartphones and tablets (Both Android and iOS) can be accommodated. Multiple recording modes are catered for and video recordings can be placed into different HDDs with multiple disk-group mode. Dual gigabit network ports, dual HDMI and 4K output are supported.
Embedded software
NVMS9000 embedded software provides a slick interface and ease of operation for your security installation. Sophisticated features such as sliced playback, smart video search and playback a well as alarm event processing improve operation efficiency. Video backup, video downloading and web functions such as the ability to access multiple browsers are supported.
Storage server platform
We supply the TVT storage server platform to ensure the stability of mass data processing. The dual gigabit Ethernet ports can work separately and in unison. The need to work with an external streaming media server is avoided with built-in streaming media access and media transmission, reducing streaming media costs.
Decoding matrix platform
We supply the TVT decoding matrix platform with a modular design, making it easy to operate, expand and maintain. The device supports an unlimited amount of screens splicing display and offers a maximum output of 24CH. Device cascading (master/slave mode) is also supported.
Integrated management platforms
With the NVMS5000 integrated management platform an ideal security solution can be configured for small to large enterprises. This platform combines video capture devices, servers, IP-SAN, clients (including mobile devices), background monitors as well as management software. The NVMS5000 platforms can seamless be connected to various surveillance network devices and can accommodate access for over 30 000 cameras.

The NVMS1000 integrated management platform, specifically designed for network video surveillance, is a monitoring client installed locally on computers. A designated super-administrator can then add and control devices such as DVRs, NVRs and IP cameras for efficient system management.