Versatile installation with TP-Link technology

Have multiple installation options at your command. For both home- and business use, we supply a range of routers and network switches from the popular and established TP-Link brand. These can be installed in various configurations in order to meet the connectivity requirements of different environments such as data centres in corporate offices, hotels, universities, healthcare as well as domestic locations.

TP-Link for home use

For domestic applications, we supply a range of Wi-Fi solutions catering for both Wi-Fi 5 and 6. We supply the TP-Link Deco range, in various speed solutions: fast (1200Mbps – 1800Mbps), super fast (1800Mbps+) and ultra fast (3000Mbps+). The Deco range features elegant design to add visual appeal to home interiors and have multiple access points to provide uninterrupted, evenly-distributed, Wi-Fi throughout the home.
For speed and reliability, we supply a vast range of TP-Link routers ideal for home use: Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi 6 routers and gaming routers. Our selection of routers caters for all home-use requirements from the reliability needed for home offices to the speed necessary for gaming and other recreational applications.
TP-Link modems and gateways
For optimising internet home use, we supply the full range of modems and gateways from TP-Link. Enhance the online experience of your customers with our selection of DSL modems and routers, cable modems and routers, 3G and 4G routers as well as PON SFUs and HGUs.
Network enhancement
For home network enhancement our solutions include range extenders, power line adaptors and access points. For Wi-Fi enhancement, we supply a range of adaptors: regular adapters, high-gain adapters, high-power adapters and PCIe adapters. We also supply a range of accessories, including USB hubs, USB converters, mobile accessories, print servers and Bluetooth music receivers.
For optimal connection quality, we supply a range of SOHO switches: 5-port, 8-port and 16-port.

TP-Link for business use

JetStream switches

In business environments, network switches can be applied for various functions such as surveillance, business Wi-Fi configuration, connectivity for high-density environments, the structuring of outdoor Wi-Fi as well as wireless networking for elevators. We supply JetStream switches. Our range includes managed switches, smart switches, easy smart switches, unmanaged switches and PoE switches, We also offer you all accessories needed for the installation of switches.

TP-Link JetStream routers

Surveillance, Wi-Fi infrastructure and connectivity for high-density environments are areas where routers are regularly applied in the business sector. We cater for these needs with a range of JetStream routers: secure VPN routers as well as load-balance routers.