Used for connecting instrumentation and for rewiring instruments, mylar cable features a standard grey PVC outer sheathing with a tinfoil aluminium (mylar) screening underneath the PVC outer. The inner strands of tin copper are twisted and colour-coded with PVC insulation, according to Def Spec, and include a 0.5mm drain wire. The 0.22mm and 0.5mm cables are rated 300V – 440V. The 1mm and 1.5mm cables are rated 300V – 500V.

The make-up of mylar cable

The flexibility of mylar cable makes it convenient for the rewiring of instrumentation panels. Twisted pairs are colour-coded up to 12-pair while higher pairings are colour-coded with ring markings for clear classification.

Mylar cable with core sizes of 0.22mm – 0.75mm have tinned copper cores and the variants with 1mm – 1.5mm core sizes are made up of bare copper cores. We also offer an individual and overall mylar screen option. Mylar cable can also be armoured (over-sheathed) with dekabon (APL)- or SWA armouring for further protection of the cable when used in harsh environments such as for the instrumentation panels of heavy-duty machinery.

Available sizes

We supply mylar cable in the following sizes:

Stock and customisations

Mylar cable is produced for high-density wiring of electronic equipment. The cable we supply is a Def Spec standard. This ensures that you are installing with cable specifically designed for the connectivity of instruments, sensors, monitors and industrial machines. With 100% screening external electromagnetic interference is avoided at all times.

We stock mylar cable in 500m drums. Specific cut lengths are available on request. We supply in Johannesburg, Cape Town, East London, Gqeberha, KZN and we deliver country-wide. We offer tailored cable designs on request. The outer-sheeting colour of mylar cable can be customised and cable design can also be customised with added APL- and SWA armouring in order to fortify your cable for robust applications.